Haines Transportation Testimonials

Dear Wade:  

As you well know, one of our key goals at Heinz is to maintain customer delivery performance at 98% or better on-time. We have just come through an August through December period which made achieving this target a serious challenge. As the following shows, Haines is a carrier which never missed a beat and continued its' exemplary service in the fashion of business as usual.

FY '06 YTD:
Loads: 1,081
Failures: 0
On-Time Percent: 100.0%
FY '05:
Loads: 1,404
Failures: 8
On-Time Percent: 99.4%
FY '04:
Loads: 850
Failures: 7
On-Time Percent: 99.2%

Your service commitment is obvious! Customers served by Haines will show an outstanding on time delivery.

J. Pendel
Sr. Manager Transportation Operations- Heinz USA

Dear Haines Staff and Drivers,

So many times all of you have extended your Thank You's for business from Albertson's Stores, Southern California Division.
We feel it's time we said Thank You for your support and team work. Many times you and your drivers have performed above and beyond your responsibilities. So, from the Traffic Staff...a big THANK YOU.


B. Soto
Traffic Supervisor

Amoco/Tenneco Foam Products Company announced today that Fred Haines and Company, Inc. has been named a certified supplier.

Haines is the first company to receive such an honor from Tenneco. The certification of an Amoco supplier is significant in that Fred Haines and Company, above all others, have consistently demonstrated the ability to meet our needs in a multi-faceted business relationship.

As Amoco's first certified supplier, Fred Haines and Company becomes a tangible success story for Amoco Chemical Company's Supplier Quality Program.

N. Curlette.
Amoco Materials Manager

To Whom It May Concern,

Fred Haines and Company. delivers to my warehouse on a regular basis. the drivers are knowledgeable and courteous. The company makes and keeps pickup and delivery appointments.

I have no hesitation in recommending their service to anyone interested in quick,clean and on-time trucking.


R.O. Quinn
Facilities Manager

I just got my full Fiscal Year 2008 On time delivery data. I am proud to announce that Fred Haines & Company took 1,772 loads this fiscal year, of which 1,461 were customer loads. Fred Haines & Company maintained a 99.32% on time delivery.


T L. Romano
Transportation Analyst Heinz North America

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